Aden History - Sheikh Zain Bin Hasan Al-Aideroos

Curriculum Vitae


1303 AH / 1885 AD 1379 AH / 1960 AD

Sheikh Zain Bin Hassan Al Aidarous born on 1303 AH corresponding to 1880 AD in Aden, he is a member of the revered Hashemite family from the Bani Hashim tribe, the tribe of Prophet Mohamed the Messenger of Allah.
 The Hashemite Al Aidarous are the decedents of Sheikh Abu Bakr Bin Abdullah Al Aidarous the founder of the city of Aden and thus the title of Adani.

He is the grandson of the founder of Aden and is one of the most respected and influential characters that shaped the history of this city. This status made him a close advisor to the British ruler and a consultant on many several social and administrative issues in Aden including the appointment of ministers and senior officials in the city.

Sheikh Zain Al Aidarous was highly respected by the British ruler of Aden who often delegated him to resolve domestic and civil issues such as the distributing and granting of agrarian, residential and commercial land on the people of Aden.
Sheikh Zain Bin Hassan Al Aidarous was known for his charisma and strong character and was frequently invited by the British ruler of Aden to attend key official political and social meetings to manage and run city affairs .

Sheikh Zain Bin Hassan Al Aidarous was born in old Al Aidarous district in Aden, this district was named after late Imam Abu Bakr Bin Abdullah Al Aidarous the symbol of the sheikhs of Aden.
Sheikh Zain Bin Hassan Al Aidarous is the descendent of Shjekh Abi Bakr Al Bin Abdullah Al Aidarous Al Hashimi .
He received his education from his uncle Sheikh Abdullah Bin Aidarous Bin Zain Al Aidarous who was titled the Luminary of Sciences.

His Life
Sheikh Zain Bin Hassan A1 Aidarous dedicated his life to learning and knowledge and the preservation of his family status and legacy of being decedents form household of Prophet Mohamed the Messenger of Allah. His education focused on memorization and interoperation of the Holy Quran and Islamic jurisprudence and learned English from Sir / Sharp the director of the British Cultural Council in Aden.

His Attributes
He was known for his extreme modesty and patience and persistence when tackling social issues and challenges by dedicating all his effort, wealth and resources. He was a man of few words, bright-faced and unpretentious. He was a good and avid listener and was always keen to act in solidarity and unity with the people of his city in the both happy and sad occasions.

His Activities and Achievements His duties and responsibilities increased significantly after the death of his brother Sheikh Aidarous Bin Hassan Al Aidarous and he dedicated himself completely to social issues and reform. He was particularly dedicated to resolving social problems and disputes between governments and unions and syndicates relying on his shrewdness and acumen during the fifties of the last century. He was exceptionally skillful and mediation and reconciling conflicting views and interests. His success in tackling numerous social problems and challenges earned him the respect and reverence of the entire Aden society.

Among the key social activities attributed to him is starting the Aden Charity Society and he was the society's first chairman. He strove to provide aid and relief to the poor, needy and those hit by calamities. He provided material and financial funding to poor students through this organization and many other charitable projects, spring no time or personal wealth or resources to ensure the continuation and success of these charitable deeds.
It was natural for such success to be obstructed by problems and challenges and Sheikh Zain Al Aidarous worked hard to iron out differences between members of Aden Charity Society so that it may continue playing its charitable role.
Sheikh Zain was keen to achieve social development and improving education and fighting backwardness, ignorance and illiteracy. He did not spare any effort to help poor families and implement other social reforms.
In recognition of his social, economic, cultural and health achievements and charitable deeds, his name was given to one of the biggest schools in Aden.

His Departure
Sheikh Zain Bin Hassan Al Aidarous died in 1379 AH corresponding to 1960 AD in Aden after a life full of giving and the service of education and knowledge and a path rich with charitable and patriotic acts that still have positive impact on the Aden society until this day.
May Allah rest his soul and make the paradise his resting place …..  Amin