Aden History - Sheikh Zain Bin Hasan Al-Aideroos

Titles and Decorations

Sheikh Zain Bin Hassan Al Aidarous played valuable role in political and social contributions as a revered Islamic figure on the local and regional levels and was behind many social and charity organizations with economic and political impact due to his acumen and earned respect enabled him to resolve key social issues and shape the history of Yemen and other parts of the Arab World which earned him the recognition of the British Authorities that ruled this part of the world at that time and the knighthood title to reflect his historic impact and eminent historic role.

The British Authorities awarded him the order of the British Empire (Sir) which is a royal honor which expresses the national high position as the title (Sir) expresses the historical true relationship with the royal, political and social organization through the prominent role and big responsibility adopted thereby, it is a title awarded to Sheikh Zain Bin Hassan Al Aidarous and it was his honor.
In January 2nd, 1956, The London Gazette described Sheikh Zain Bin Hassan Al Aidarous as a key social figure in the service of Aden and its people, which reflects his political and social status both in the in the East and West.

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zain Al Aidarous Al Hashemy who was referred to as Luminary of Sciences a sublime title given to him by the British Empire in recognition of his reverence, modesty and generous contributions that were key in establishing and advancing knowledge, science and culture in the southern Arabian Peninsula and later the Arab and Islamic World.
The legacy of AI Aidarous is believed to have begun with devotee Sheikh Abu Bakr Bin Abdullah Al Aidarous who was a landmark symbol of Aden and was recognized by the British press in 1964 as the Islamic leader and reference figure for Aden.