National Role

02 ديسمبر, 2016 12:35:34 ص

Sheikh Zain Bin Hassan Al Aidarous played a key role in politics and other aspects related to defending Aden as documented in several historic records and references.
During the British rule of Aden, Sheikh Zain Bin Hassan Al Aidarous worked to overcome major political challenges faced by the Aden community, while at the same time he served the interests of Aden and its people, which made him the center of the research of many ritish historians, as well as, the media at that time who lauded his acumen, shrewdness and capabilities and made him a valuable consultant to the British authorities in many domestic issues.
This status enabled him to take part in finding political and administrative solutions to key challenges in Aden, including the appointment of ministers and senior civil servants in the city's administrative structure.
Sheikh Zain Bin Hassan Al Aidarous inherited these patriotic status and attributes form his grandparents who descended from Sheikh Abu Bakr Bin Abdullah Al Aidarous who had a strong passion for living in Aden, a city in which he built his mosque which is considered a historical Islamic monument and landmark in 890 AH _ 1485 AD, and which earned him the description of the defender and protector of Aden and the respect and love of its people who revered him for his vast knowledge in Islamic jurisprudence and Hadith (saying of Prophet Mohamed).
Therefore it was no coincidence that Sheikh Zain Bin Hassan Al Aidarous had followed the footsteps of his grandfather Sheikh Abu Bakr Bin Abdullah Al Aidarous.